iMagz - Blogger Template + Landing Page

Responsive Blogger Template with Landing Page
iMagz - Blogger Template + Landing Page
iMagz - Blogger Template + Landing Page

iMagz comes with a Landing Page concept that can be used to offer/sell products and services. Most themes with the Landing Page concept only focus on the appearance of the front page, iMagz balances all pages, Blogs and Landing Pages at once. So it only takes one blog to run both.

The code in the template is written more neatly, comment tag markers <b:comment>, <!-- and --> added to make editing easier, not only that now more elements can be changed directly from Blogger's Theme Designer.

One of the excellent features of this template is Multiple Pages or Different Page views such as Fullpage Pages, Split Post and many other features.

Live Preview


Go to This Page to read the full features of this template.

With proper optimization, this template can be loaded in less than 1 second (at standard connection speeds in India), we have also checked the loading speed index, SEO and accessibility of this template , the results of which can be seen in the image below:

iMagz Lighthouse

Tests are carried out on demo blogs that do not have AdSense ads installed or others, test results may be different on blogs that have AdSense installed.


We moved some important features to the Blogger Layout menu including the Landing Page so that users don't have to bother with editing the HTML code to make minor changes.

Although not all (there are some features that can not be moved to Layout) but at least it has made it easier for users to the use this template. Including the addition of custom CSS which can now be directly via Blogger Theme Designer.


This template is also equipped with CSS variable for writing colors, all color codes are grouped in one place, now you don't have to bother to vhange the colors and the good news is you can change them directly through the Blogger Theme designer (Blogger>Themes>Customize).

Landing Page

There are 10 Landing Page elements that can be used and will be added periodically in the next update, all elements can be edited via the Blogger Layout menu.

The order of the widgets can be changed as easily as Drag and Drop the blogger widget, you can also place it at the bottom before the footer.

Not only on the home page, landing pages can also be used on post and static pages, perfect for those who want to sell services or products on their own website.

Custom Pages

This template has several custom pages not only the home page, but also several pages with different views.

Blog Page

In the Blogger template, the home page and index (search/label) have the same layout, but not with this template, we apply a different layout to make the blog look more professional.

Full Page

This feature is adapted from the platform where the sidebar column is removed and instead the empty space is used as a resting place so that the blog readers eyes don't get tired quickly.

From the blog owner's perspective, it may be unfortunate that the sidebar which can be a slot for placing ads is removed. But in terms of experiential users, this concept is very friendly to users or blog visitors, no wonder big blogs like and use this concept.

Post Tab

This feature can be used to divide the article into several parts with the concept of tabs. For example, this feature can be applied to alternative languages from which articles are written.

Split Post

Just like the Post Tab, this feature aalso divides the article into serveral parts, the different is that to read the continuation of the article the user must go to the second page and so on from the post. This concept is widely used by WordPress based blogs as well as most news blogs.

The only drawback of this feature is that there is no All Page button to read the entire article without being truncated.

Ad Placement

We have also provided space for ready-made ad placements, all you need to do is add the ad unit code in the space provided.

The ad space that has been provided includes:

  1. Sticky ad - in the sidebar.
  2. In-Feed ad - on blogger page (2 ads).
  3. Anchor ad - will appear at the botttom of the blog when accessed via mobile.
  4. Top and Bottom article.
  5. In-Article or Middle Article ad (2 ads).
  6. Matched content ad (related ad).

Template Price

This template is sold for Rp.150,000/-(Rs.800/- INR approx), you will get two templates, namely the Landing Page version and the Blog version.

More details about this template visit the Official Sales Page

Full Support

Free support is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase if there are difficulties in using or there are errors in the templates tat have been purchased.

Support does not apply if:
  1. Template modifications such as adding, removing features or changing the appearance.
  2. Illegal template users.
  3. Self-Modified templates.
  4. Past 1 month from the date of purchase.
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