Median UI - Blogger Template

Median UI - Blogger Template
Median UI - Blogger Template

Median UI is designed with the dashboard UI concept, the template is recommended for use on news blogs, a simple design but has a high level of readability is a plus point of this template.

The menu display is also made different from other templates, we carry the concept of 3 columns in this theme where the first column is devoted to the navigation menu which can minimize the navigation width. At first glance this template looks like a web app that makes your blog look more different from other blogs. This concept is also used by large websites such as Google AdSense, Google Drive and so on.

Not only that, we also maximise the appearance of the mobile to make it look more modern by moving the navigation menu to hover below the screen, this optimization makes the template look like a mobile app, this is intended so that users can focus more on reading content on the blog.

We do not say this temple template is perfect, therefore this template will be updated regularly based on user suggestions and feedback. Your input means a lot to us, write your rating of this template or report a bug in the comments column.

Preview Template

Median UI - Preview 01 Median UI - Preview 02 Median UI - Preview 03

In this template we experimented with applying dashboard elements on blogs which eventually gave birth to Median UI, this template is more recommended for blogs with news themes or mixed themes, but that does not mean it's not suitable for other niches.

We got this inspiration from the appearance of some well known websites such as Google AdSense and Google Drive as well as from Some UI elements that we found on Dribble. Supported by simpler and more compatible icons, making this template feel like the interface of an application provides a more comfortable and less boring article reading experience.

Features and Advantages

Advantages of Median UI

We applied some of the advantages of the Fletro template to this theme. The difference is that we overhauled the appearance of the theme to produce something new.

100% SEO Friendly

This template has passed the SEO audit with satisfactory results as shown in the screenshot below:

Median UI - SEO Screenshot
Screenshot on 25th May 2020

The meta tags in the template are neatly arranged to make it easy to edit, the addition of several schemas such as breadcrumbs, comments and others makes it easier to search engine robots to identify the structure of the content on the blog, this is very good especially it can make blog content appear faster in search results.

Most templates only optimize onpage SEO and all things that can be optimized on a blog such as speeding up blog loading, adding meta tags, adding breadcrumbs schema and so on. Offpage SEO is outside the template and beyond the control of the template maker, the scope is like robots.txt, search console, backlinks or small things like adding the src='' attribute to the image in the post, all of which is beyond the responsibility of the template maker.

All template makers never guarantee that your blog will immediately be on the first page of search results after using their templates, problems that appear on the search console such as being indexed even though they are blocked by robots.txt or so are beyond the control of the template maker, even famous blog templates also experience this the someone.

Prioritize Content

The template's outline structure is structured by prioritizing content or articles over other parts of the template. How do we do it? The way search engines work when indexing content on a blog is to render it from the top to the bottom of the HTML template structure, what we do is adjust the order of elements in the template by moving the content section at the top of the template and moving other elements such as the sidebar and navigation to the bottom so that the bottom section, the first thing that is rendered by search engines is blog content.

To prove it, try reloading this page and pay attention in detail, you will find the first section that appears from this page is the main article followed by the sidebar and navigation menu which is loaded last after the content section is finished.

Easier to Customize

Designed to be easier to customize through the Blogger Theme Designer, you are free to change the color, width and font of this template. You can even change the color of the Dark mode/Night mode on this template at any time without bothering to edit the HTML template.

Disadvantages of Median UI

There os only one drawback of most responsive or dynamic templates, which is not being able to edit the navigation menu in Blogger Layout, you have to edit the navigation menu in the Edit HTML Template.

Adding or changing links will be more difficult for those of you who don't understand HTML, this is because the writing of the SVG icon code is mostly longer, so it's little confusing for those who are unfamilliar with HTML.

But we will provide directions as easy as possible for you to make it easier to edit the navigation menu in this template.

Main Feature

Dark Mode/Night Mode

One of the hallmarks of our template is the presence of a night mode feature, we will continue to maintain it on other templates. The main funtion of this feature is to change the appearance of the background color on the template to be darker, so that the content is easier for users to read at night.

Adaptive Templates

Instead of creating responsive template elements, we prefer to create elements that can adapt to the width of the screen when the blog opend. This template will automatically adjust it's appearance when the screen size reduced.

The difference with responsive with that sometimes the layout of elements in responsive templates look forced when appearing on mobile, in this template the layout will automatically change on the mobile display such as navigation menus that move down and other elements that change automatically.

Customizing thumbnail Width

Different from fletro, the thumbnail images in this template can fit the screen size without resizing the image or making the image disproportionate.

We've been experimenting and have found a way to auto-fit images without changing their height or width in CSS. We use the aspect ratio of the images so that the size will not change when the screen is reduced, another advantage of this feature is that you don't have to worry about the standard size of the image in the template, regardless of the width and height of your image, it will automatically match the thumbnail image size, especially on the homepage.

SVG Icon

The lightest and most stable icon among other icon types, and it's easier to change the color than third-party icon providers such as font awesome and so on.

Although it's use is a bit more difficult than the current party icon. But in terms of loading blogs, SVG is much better than font awesome. One of the advantages is that the icon style is not monotonous, you can use one icon from an icon pack and then take another icon from another source, especially now there are lots of SVG icons that are distributed for free.

Modify Blopgger Default Comments

We modified blogger's default comments by adding a Comment schema, as well as adding lazy effects to images. Previously, if you tested the page speed of content with lots of comments, you would find that the images in the comments would also be indexed and slow down the loading of the blog.

that's why we added a lazy effect so that the comment image doesn't get indexed, not only that, the size of the image in the comments is also changed to be bigger so that it can match the comment style in this template. Now users will not be able to add active links to comments, all external links in comments including blogger profile links will be deleted automatically.


To see other features and advantages, you can directly see them on the demo blog, provide input regarding the features of this template via the comments column below.

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Template Price

this template is sold for IDR 130K, you will get two templates, namely the standard version and the AMP Version.

What Do You Get?

For the price above you will get :

  • Latest updated Median UI template.
  • AMP Version of Median Template.
  • Updated template forever.
  • Support for 1 month.

Full Support

Free supports is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase if there are difficulties in using or there is an error in the template that has been purchased.

Support does not apply if :

  • Requesting to modify the template such as adding or removing features or changing the appearance of the template.
  • Illegal template users.
  • Templates that have been modified by themselves.
  • It's been more than 1 month since the date of purchase.
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